Classic Game Room – BEN 10 ULTIMATE ALIEN: COSMIC DESTRUCTION review for Xbox 360

by GamePlay on March 9, 2012

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction review. Classic Game Room reviews BEN 10 ULTIMATE ALIEN: COSMIC DESTRUCTION for Xbox 360 (also available for PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP) from publisher D3. CGR Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction video review has gameplay from the Xbox 360 version of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction showing Ben 10 game play in HD action. This Ben 10 videogame is an action adventure game where you play as Ben Tennyson and many of his alien forms like Swampfire and NRG. Upgrade aliens and enjoy a “Prince of Persia” like adventure experience in Ben 10 Cosmic Destruction.

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The original gets a little too much praise. I like the designs and visuals but the main villain was boring, not really a threat, and it wasn’t like the storylines were epic. The newer ones have good humour. It’s a very self contained series. As long as you skip the first half of alien force, the series is ok. So it did go through a rough patch but it’s over it, it could? be better but so could the original.


thumbs up if u think the thumbnil kinda looks? like a weed leaf


ds ver sucks


Boriiiiing, check please.?


Im playing Ben 10 for ps2? and enjoying it


@fitzgerald434 For real?! Ok,? each to their own…


To me they need to make the visuals better,’cuz? the gameplay is there,and since it is aimed for kids i’d expect this to be better refined and more colorful at least as the visual go.


another ben 10 review. im? bursting with joy :-|


when ben 10? first started it was good now its shit. srsly review more games dammit .i like cgr undertow but now its boring amanda is gone derek needs to go on suicide watch he sounds depressed weird dat he sounds like an emo kid slitting his wrists at the first chance .i only watch cgr because they review more substance mark reviews shit but makes it smell like flowers and good shit .mark do walkthroughs anything than pure homemade balls of flaming shit like ben10 games.


@FastTquick i agree with mark, most gamers don’t really appreciate originality. thats not? to say you don’t, but most don’t. most people don’t like to change what they like, which a truly original game requires you to do.




Hey guys, could you please check out this video? It’s about addiction to games but in a funny way! It’s a must see!


Come on, it won’t cost? ya!


Did you imply that most gamers hate originality? Gamers actually love originality Mark. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t love games like Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, or even Kingdoms of Amalur. On a side note, when are you ever going to review some of? the more obscure Xbox 360 games like MorphX or The First Templar?




@TrollinFoLife1345 miss Steve Blum as? Vilgax, his voice for Vilgax was sooooo great and more intimidating than the new voice


i miss the old? ben 10 when he was a kid and only had 10 aliens


@BanjoPlayingBear yeah sure, i was. I had a good understanding of? the difference between pretend violence in films and games and real life violence when i was 10 years old.


Welp, here we? go again. Incoming 50 million views


If you can’t buy your kid a Defender machine then go for Sinistar.



@jcrowley1985 How is that good?
Mark makes interesting and, well, lovable reviews…
Which tell you nothing. How is “making a terrible game look good” a good thing?
I don’t see Mark as a reviewer, and no, not just because he doesn’t use numbers. He just plays games and gives us some basic info and says “fun or less fun”.
So, it is fun to watch, but it’s? not a reviewer.


Mark loves? ben 10


Looks like a ps2? game.


I agree. Please? less TJ based banter.


For all you bozos out there complaining about TJ: shut the fuck up! To be? honest I don’t really care all that much either way, but he is doing his solo reviews and the ones with TJ, so what? When you see a vid with that long haired dude in it and you don’t like those, then just don’t click it! problem solved. Have you ever considered that Mark rather has a compagnon to discuss games with then just doing solo stuff? Have some bloody respect.


@spiderjerusalem100 So 10 year old kids should be playing M rated? videos games? Ok.

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