Classic Game Room – WARIO LAND Nintendo Game Boy review

by GamePlay on June 20, 2013

Classic Game Room reviews WARIO LAND: Super Mario Land 3 for Nintendo Game Boy from 1993. F Mario, Love Wario! Collect coins and buy Wario some pimp daddy lo…

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Num Lock

you shoulda taken? it back

wozniac steeve

have you ask? it , her back cause that game was amazin i remember that

Morgoth Bauglir

“I don’t like to brag about? myself but..” *Proceeds to brag about self* LAL!


I just bought Mario Land 1 and 3 for $12 shipped on ebay. So excited. Never played 3 but? I had 1 when I was like 6 back in 1990. Miss it so much. Good times.


i once got so? much money that i got the ultimate base, the moon

kevin king

should of slit the bitches throat there and then or pay? sumone to arse rape her


Playing Super Mario Land 2 on the 3DS, I think I might dl this after I finish? SML2.

Dana Knudsen

I played this all? the time!


Review wario? land 4.


Am I the only one who thinks Wario looks like MR T when? he’s small?


This was? my first ever video game when I was 4 years old. Still have it.


You will need the bull hat. Press down to? ground pound. You can also hold up near a ceiling to stick to it.


Wait,? how do you do wario’s “butt stomp”? I have Wario Land, but I don’t know how to do his “butt stomp”.


Still love this game? after all these years.


I first remember? playing that game when I was like 4 but never completed it.


Well that escalated? quickly.


“although im not a huge platforming fan”
yet you are clearly a fan of every near perfect platform game ever made? if i see all these reviews :D


Y we all got that friends who stole or we thought they might stole, but maybe the did it coz their familys was to poor and otherwise they never could get a game. Anyway people then? can ask for renting, i ever lended games to my friends, better than stealing


good for you,? man

Ernelio Bombillas

I lol’d. It seems the legends are true. When you are 7 and steal a gameboy? game you are up for a life of depression. That made my day.


The sequels to Wario Land are also all awesome. 2, 3, 4 and Shake it!. Wario World is also in there somewhere. I wish he reviews? the other ones. The third is the reason I became the gamer I am today.


You have to replay levels because some of? them actually change as result to beating other levels in other areas, that lead you to secret items. That’s how awesome this game was. Suddenly that level you played long ago is filled with water and has opened an inaccessible area you might not have known about!


why did wario get a 3 good games Mario has a shit? ton peach has a few and Luigi got 2 not really 2 just Luigi mansion then a remake on 3ds :( poor Luigi no love


obey wario destroy? mario!

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