EA SPORTS IGNITE Engine Official Trailer

by GamePlay on June 20, 2013

Powered by the new EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, games will be alive with Human Intelligence. True Player Motion. Living Worlds. Experience the next-generation wi…

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Tyler The Minecrafter

I would like to think it looked this good?


they changed it, now dont need internet, and now you can share games?


what do you mean by cool i think the game itself is still really good.? what do you want a fucking real match ?


This trailer is pointless is shows nothing…may as well be 360? or ps3

Justin Gopeesingh

The Barcelona jersey has UNICEF on it and this video was made in? 2013


fake! barca doesnt? score goals with the head :)


Once again EA doesn’t even think about making a Motocross game. They made a skateboard game, but haven’t? even thought about Motocross.

David Niyi

EA sports it’s in? the Pocket!


Oh okay, I apologize, I think I over reacted…they should? also make a rugby league game. (Whilst they’re at it).


Fuckin EA, lets be a bunch of funkin dirty apes and not make NHL 14 for new gen.? statement by ea ‘ we here truly care about fucking things up, we have no clue what we are doing, and people rely on us because we are the only company out there making sports games yearly. we eat dicks and were molested by john wayne gacy and that is why we like to fuck our fans over. mainly because the people who make NHL are packies who have no clue how to even speak English or design a proper fucking game!’


with all due respect,? i am talking about the majority.


very true?


I want to? see a fight night


It’s a teaser trailer to get u to buy the game, it’s not really gonna look? like this same for madden. They do this all the time check out madden 06 . 360 trailer

Yannik Wuerthner


STeven RoJAz

aleluya va a salir? el camp nou tioo

Felipe ThC

Gameplay Barcelona x Atlético? de Madrid FIFA 13
Já com Neymar no elenco do Barcelona, mais o novo uniforme.

shaanaav daniel

The jersey actually moves when? they’re playing!Well done EA!!

Cool Warden

cause madden 12 was so flimsy u can trip and fall and? nobody didnt touch u

Brandon Green

its because EA has a? contract with the NFL that says only they can make vgs about the NFL but that expires soon so….

Brandon Green

i’ll take that bet, 18yrs…?

Alessio Petriccione

Sony & Microsoft? did an amazing job!


still no gameplay!? fucks sake!

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