Madara Uchiha Moveset/Gameplay : Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

by GamePlay on June 20, 2013

Madara Uchiha Moveset/Gameplay : Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Credit to: tarasven… tags- Naruto Uzumaki (Y…

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omggggg so confused, so the rinnegan? is the final form of the sharingan??? my whole life was a lie…


What does? it do?

Sebastian Nino

How do you get to? change the game setting where they can restore the health like in the video??


A little? late but anyway… that Eye is the Rinnegan, the same that Nagato/Pain use.


I would have to ask, I know about the Sharingan Eyes,? that lets the Uchiha clan predict, follow and even study the techniques of the enemy and learn it immediately
But whats that other eye of his with the white rings?


I have a video of? the battle of madara and hashirama? i would be happy when u visit my channel!

Madara Uchiha

We’ll? just have to wait and see

Hashirama Senju

Nice work, Madara, still? no match for, ME!

zakaria doukkali

(y) <3
Madara Uchiha?

DJ Hakers

??? PC ??? ??? ?????

Ruben Alves



So thats where sasuke got his? demon bodyguard thing lol


No its love. Tobirama/hashirama says this, when Sasuke ask them their past.?


actually it is? hatred

Hashirama Senju

Hashirama was always better than Madara, in fact, he is the strongest char in the anime, except the Sage and his two sons, and probably? naruto cause the show is named after a faggot

Adedotun Fapetu

Not? love hatred because of itach and madara

mahmoud sedek

how can download the? game?????????


its not hatred, its? actually love. Its been stated the the Uchiha has more love than the senju, or any ninja for that matter. That’s how they awaken these powerful eyes.


you misunderstand what it is like to have something to be broken for example minato is gamebreaking as the most op in the game his awaken? is instant which all characters with instant awakens are strong because they’ll just awaken and break your guard mid combo if you block. then he teleports in awakening like guy and raikage do but with no drawbacks like they have his flying rajin lvl 2 makes him 100% invincible until after he teleports to rasengan you which is unsubable youd have to hit the air


Dude the normal? reach of his combo is about 5 times his size
Not even Naruto with his clones charging forward reached that
Madara IS a gamebreaker


In the game? he pretty much kicks your ass


The Sharingan/Rinnegan is the manifested hatred and despair of? the Uchiha Clan(read the manga)
You start with the Sharingan and after someone close to you dies you awaken the Mankegyou Sharingan
Since your eyesight gets worse with using the Mangekyo you have to take someone elses Mangekyo Sharingan to make yours eternal
When you reach the pinnacle of hatred and despair like Madara did after his fight with the first Hokage you awaken the Rinnegan


Ok, but when madara did it he took his brothers and he awakened the eternal sharingan and after that he died awakening the rinnegan without the senju dna?


dude you also need senju dna to awaken to rinnegan along with? uchiha dna
Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, Senju DNA, then Rinnegan


Here’s the order, but before i begin my dad? told me this you see the sharingan and rinnegan are connected when u have the sharingan and awaken the mangekyo sharingan u must take someone special to you such as a family members eyes that possess the sharingan in order to awaken the rinnegan but since madara died awakening it u have to be brought back to life. So basically its sharingan, take someones eyes mangekyo sharingan, and then rinnegan.

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