MoP BG: Arathi Basin – LOL Top Damage? (World of Warcraft Gameplay/ Commentary)

by GamePlay on August 26, 2012

Arathi basin, finally something new! Sorry for the repetition guys :/ Also, I hit 200 subs, and I have no one to thank but you guys :) So subscribe if you enjoy my content and want to see more enhance videos. Like if you liked it. Please comment, I loved reading comments, whether it be positive or a question. I try to reply to all comments. Lastly, if you want to help my channel grow, please share this video with your friends. It really helps. ———————————————————————————————————– Music (Intro) by Approaching Nirvana: Song: Colosseum Get the song on iTunes: Permission to use was given by Approaching Nirvana: ———————————————————————————————————– Outro by Sir Sirius: Song: Stratospheric Escape Link: Free Download: ———————————————————————————————————–

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I’d say stone bulwark, astral shift is only 6sec and not usable while stunned. Stone bulwark is basically always up so its like dispel protection and a? shield.


Hey Tactic, what’s your take on Stone Bulwerk totem vs Astral shift? I know the new talent trees are going to go? live in a couple days and that’s pretty much the only choice I’m struggling with lol.


i? really wanna learn how to enchance shaman pvp, anyone fancy teaching me haha


Thanks m8 i appreciate? the answer :)


Well we have practically? the same interrupt as everyone else, so now we just have to use it wisely rather than using on scorch LOL. Healers, well…no one can kill them…it takes alot of work solo to get a kill, while range… well lets say ascendance and fire ele fixes that. Without CD’s our healing is fairly well that we can keep ourselves up, in correlation with a well timed grounding and shear.


I love your videos :) great to see some sweet enhance footage from the beta :) btw how are we now with wind shear on a 12? sec cd? can we do anything at all vs good frost mages or healers? :) thanks


his keyboards fine u mad bruh, Anyways great vid Ive been play enh since nilla. Would u? mind showing some possible arena matches. THANKS TACTIC


You should do another BG? video. In this video, you more or less “praise” enhancement’s high damage (just going by the tittle here).

Considering the latest hancer’s buffs (SS, SB, LL), you should another video to show us the impact of those buffs in PvP


Enhance seems fun again. I played enhance almost all of BC then went ele for all? of wrath and cata. Might have to go back to Manhancement!


It is a mechanical keyboard,? and it doesnt look like anyone else is bothered by it except you considering you are the first to mention it.


Keybored sucks way to much sound from? it.


dks looking pretty? strong, same with WW monks if you can play one, warriors again, and even a enh warlock setup would work pretty well, but this is all speculation.


hey man thx for the u i love enh dont want to play any other class,dont think they improved us enough for cata, heals cost way to much mana,? mobility is worst then cata and hex needs to be lowered to 20 sec since almost every class can remove it….btw what addons are u useing for beta cant get plate buffs to work on beta


Liked? and subscribe


yeh fair enough, but im talking more of the range of 2500+ arena. Im gonna give it a go anyway, seeing? as were gonna have to buy honor pvp set first so hopefully i can buy both ele and enhance just incase it doesnt work out. What 3v3 setups do you think will be viable for enhance in mop?


love ur vids keep them? up!


I really enjoy your gameplay/commentary tactic.? I hope you will continue to post enh gameplay after mop is released


New engineering? chute. :)


WF ap actually? has been going up and down. The first build in beta it was 17100, then went down to like 5400 then back up to 17100 then balancing out at 8550.


what do you think to the? lastest windfury nerf? (Windfury Weapon now has a chance of triggering three extra attacks with 8,550 bonus attack power, down from 17,100.)


What was the cloak/chute you used when the ele sham knocked you? off at lumber mill??


Im going? try and work on a video tomorrow about that.


we are? usually focus targets in mid-range arena because of our reputation. but once you get above 2k in my own experience, you don’t get focused as much.


What makes you get the idea that enhance is “lame” for arena/bg, we are a strong class, its just we have a bad reputation, and that’s where I can agree with you? that no one wants an enhance. Don’t let others judge what class you will play, if enhance looks the most fun, play it. I have been enhance for 5 years, and I have never even bothered looking at any other specs but enhance because they didn’t interest me, but regardless I persevered and still got high ratings.


oh and yeah hunters do garbage? damage right now in beta *prays they adjust this ASAP*

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