Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player [REVIEW]

by GamePlay on June 20, 2013

This is a a hardware video review of the Ultimate Portable Sega Genesis Player from At Games ( This video was produced by Josh (Gooc…

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K? troll bait

colton kerner

you know, you can call this handheld a steal. if you bought a sega genesis and all 80 games, you would NEVER have a total? of 50-60 dollars you’ve spent, but with this, it just seems like a huge deal.


Flagged for spamming YouTube. ?


This is licensed by? SEGA.


I saw a portable game console called Supaboy when I was at the mall today. You can play original? SNES cartridges on it. Sadly it doesn’t seem to come pre-loaded with any games.


This is produced by a company called AtGames. They also make a Sega Genesis Console and an Atari console just to name a few. This is not produced directly by Sega but that fact that you can purchase this in? a reputable store, such as Urban Outfitters, clearly shows that they have permission by the companies to make new consoles on their behalf.


is this console 100% official? Sega licensed product??? I’m thinking on buying one, but if it turns out to br just a rip off (clone), ill stick with my PSP and the genesis emulators.


Can you plug it into? a laptop and play it on that? I don’t have tv because I’m in university halls :)


Have you tried any external games on the sd card? like Earthworm Jim 1 & 2, Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Batman & robin, Sonic 3 (& Knuckles version as well), Contra, etc. Do they work correctly? and you? just need to download it and copy them into the system? o.o
Thanks a lot! :)

Uwayzo Foster

Thanks for the review, Josh. I just picked this up from Sam’s Club yesterday, charged it up, and have been checking it out. It’s a great device, and my only gripe with it? is the sound emulation. Played a few of the more well known games (Streets of Rage 2, Street Fighter 2), and the music sounds, well, not like it would from an original Genesis (off tune, using different octaves, or instrument sounds). Other than that, I think it’s great. Again, thanks for the review & keep up the good work!!


I do… :( ?


i personally dont care if the sound was dropped. it was? still a good deal.


Thanks for the review, brother. I’m gearing up for a huge trip this summer that will involve 9 hour flights and 10 hour train rides. I was going to spring? for a 3DS, but this little beast looks like it’s more my style. Keep up the great videos!


Where can I download more games for this??

Devin Friday

You can add extra games to an SD card if? you want


Thanks, but i? prefer my Genesis Nomad…




*i feel like I got ripped? off*


I just? got one for playing sonic.. Was very disappointed because of the sound… I fell


Can you play genesis rom? ??


Wow the game play looks very smooth,? well I guess I will have to get one. Great review dude, thank you.


If they ever make a SNES version, I’d definitely? buy it.


I still have my Genesis and all the games to? it too


im only 14 and i have small hands, so this is perfect for me. i use to be so good at golden axe 2 when i was 6 or? 7, i had.the original Genesis with all golden axes

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